The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
My sister, Helen, was born with a hole in her heart. In 1971, at age 8 she had surgery to correct it. One of my earliest memories is spending my 4th birthday in the hospital as Helen had had the surgery just a few days beforehand. My favourite present that year was a dress -up nurse’s uniform! Helen went on to make an excellent recovery and the whole family thought her heart problems had been fully repaired. Then about 4 years ago Helen began having some symptoms and was referred in 2012 to the Adult Congenital Heart Team at Leeds General Infirmary. She was told in February 2013 that she needed surgery to correct another defect, and had surgery at the end of September 2013. The surgery revealed another defect and she had to have a second operation 5 days later. Our family used the Take Heart rooms in the hospital grounds and Helen benefitted from the ward facilities funded by Take Heart such as bed-side TVs and the roof garden which helped improve her stay in hospital. Take Heart made the whole experience more comfortable and less stressful for Helen and the whole family and she continues to make a good recovery, having returned to full time work recently and her spare time is spent looking after and riding her horse, Jake. Myself and my husband are running the Edinburgh Marathon on 25th May this year and asked Helen which charity she would like us to raise funds for. She chose Take Heart because of the facilities they offered whilst in hospital and we are delighted to be running for such a worth while charity. Marion Bishop Thank you so much Marion and Peter. Please support them by visiting their Virgin Giving page at