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The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART Defence Lodge Supports Take Heart andthey ask “Is Freemasonry for you?”
Defence Lodge is a Freemasonry Lodge based in Leeds, which has been supporting Take Heart for the past 4 years. In that period, it has raised over £4,000 for Take Heart by way of raffles, personal contributions and events. Defence's support for Take Heart arose through a number of its members having cause to be admitted to Leeds General Infirmary, and spending time in the Yorkshire Heart Centre. By supporting Take Heart, we can give something back to the YHC that has done so much for our members (and the wider community). Our membership ranges from men in their late 20s through to men in their late 80s (who have been members for over 50 years!). In addition to our formal masonic meetings and dinners, we run various social events throughout the year for members and their partners. Those events include: supper evenings, clay-pigeon shooting, trips to London, BBQs, Ladies evenings and Cheese & Wine lunches. We are currently opening our doors to new members for a limited period of time, and would invite Take Heart supporters to get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation. In such uncertain times when austerity, social distress and, sometimes, fracturing of local communities , feature prominently in our newspapers and on our televisions, it's reassuring that there is a thriving organisation that has, as its aim, a clear focus on morality, charity and self-improvement. In recognition of how important these qualities are, Freemasonry in and around Leeds is thriving. Let's quickly blow away the myths. Whilst there might seem to be some peculiar rituals, clothes and handshakes, all of this adds to the drama and mystery of an organisation that has survived for centuries. The handshakes, for example, are no more than modes of recognition that allow access to a Lodge meeting: they are no different to a member of a golf club knowing the 4 digit PIN to access the car park at the club house. Freemasonry is undoubtedly a force for good. Whilst it has, in the past, been the subject of suspicion and mistrust, the misconceptions and misunderstandings about what it stands for , and what it does , are being eroded. This process is being accelerated by Freemasons , across the country, opening their doors and talking candidly about what they do, what principles guide their actions and how they see their role in society. Whilst it's true that Freemasons look after their own, we also donate a huge amount of money to charities. Yorkshire Freemasons have contributed towards countless local good causes from supporting the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to building skateboard parks. We've supported important charities like Take Heart and provided more than 20,000 teddy bears for children in hospital. We have donated money to our cathedrals, bought ambulances for the Red Cross and given to at least 14 of our local hospices. Masonic charity ranges from buying a Christmas gift for the widow of a deceased member to supporting international disaster relief agencies. Freemasonry consists of like-minded, conscientious men (there are ladies' lodges as well) who are on a journey of self-improvement. Whilst Masons (you need to be over 21 years to join) are required to believe in the existence of a Supreme Being (of any faith), we leave our political and religious persuasions at the door. The progress of a Freemason through the "Three Degrees" is an allegorical representation of the building of an upright man's character through the ancient building tools and processes. These are shown through a series of rituals or plays which are delivered from memory. They usually leave our candidates with profound memories that will last a lifetime. If this sounds interesting and you'd like to know more, then please contact us at Defence Lodge. We'd be happy to speak to you. We also have a supper evening arranged for later in the year, and we're reserving a few places for Take Heart members. Please feel free to get in touch with us at the following email address or phone number: m / 07793 011 488 . Photos show presentation to the, then, Chairman Colin Pullan, of a £2000 cabinet for storage of specialised medical equipment in the Heart Centre click on any photo to enlarge