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      A lady contacted us and said that she had sent a cheque to Take Heart two months ago
      but it hadn’t been cashed. Alec checked and reported that we had never received it. She
      said she sent it to the address on the internet where she had typed in ‘Take Heart’ to
      Google. The address it came up with was 28 Great George Street, Leeds.
      We investigated and found out that this was a pub/hotel – the Victoria. We made further
      enquiries and made the disturbing discovery that not only was Take Heart listed there,
      but so were two other charities. We have reported this to the brand-new manager of the
      pub and he is investigating. We have also informed the other charities.

      In the meantime, we have been in touch with Google and changed the information.
      Strangely, if one had typed in “Take Heart Charity” or “Take Heart Leeds”, our real
      information would have been displayed.
      Make of this what you will, but I would ask if you have sent money to us at this
      address, please contact Alec McLean, our treasurer.

      Bill Stevenson, Editor

                          Following another very successful quiz night last
                          November, we will be holding the next one on Thursday
                          November 8 at the lovely setting of Hinsley Hall,
                          Headingley, with all profits going to Take Heart.
                          As usual the format is Teams of Four, but owing to space
                          we can only accommodate 21 teams. There will be a two-
                          course hot and cold buffet available.
                          Further details including cost, will be in the next
                          Paul Kaufman
     QUIZ night

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