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      I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and are now
      looking forward to Spring.

      The Trustees started the new year with   nursing, medical and other staff from the
      our seminar where we arranged our      Yorkshire Heart Centre at this event who
      meeting dates for the year. There are a   are greatly appreciative of the support
      number of events where you are more    they get from the charity.
      than welcome to come and meet the      Don’t forget our monthly get together
      Trustees as well as other Members of our   for afternoon tea with lovely home-made
      charity. We are all very welcoming and   cakes and buns, patients and visitors are
      hope you are able to join us at some or all   also welcome at these.
      of these.
                                             Dates for all these events are on the
      The seminar included organising dates   website and in the newsletters.
      for our annual trip in June. This time we
      are planning to go to Whitby, calling at   Finally, I would like to start the year with
      Thornton le Dale, where I hope the sun   a big thank you to all our members, we
      will shine.                            really appreciate and look forward to your
                                             ongoing support.
      Our annual general meeting is planned for
      June and we are hoping that we will have   Best Wishes
      some specialist cardiac nurses speaking
      about the amazing services they provide.

      Personally, I am also looking forward
      to meeting both longstanding and new
      members at our sponsored walk in
      September, to which I hope many of     Gina McGawley
      you will come. We are always joined by   Chairman

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