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      I have previously mentioned that there are changes in the Data Protection Act but I didn’t
      realise how much they would affect the donation lists that are shown in the last few pages
      of this newsletter. I have worked in various aspects of finance over the years and know full
      well that you never give anyone’s details out without their permission and I have always
      used that rule whenever possible. It’s common sense isn’t it?

      We are really victims of the numerous   I would like to take this opportunity to
      scams that lose people a lot of money and   thank all those people who at the moment
      because of this, very little information is   are making regular monthly donations to
      available. It is mainly our on-line donations   the charity and have done so over many
      which are affected and if the person giving   years.
      the donation does not give consent to their   Can I remind you about the used postage
      name being passed to us then the only   stamps – we are still collecting them and
      information I receive is the amount of the   they make up a nice little income for the
      donation plus the first part of their post   charity. I would like to thank Bob Barnes
      code and any message they wish to send   who sorts them all out and sells them on
      with their donation. You will see that most   our behalf.
      of the on line donations are from ‘Anon’.
      Frustrating  but necessary. People like to   I would also like to thank those of you who
      see their donations in the newsletter but I   donated wool which I pass onto the ladies
      can only go on the information received.  and gents who knit on our behalf.
      On a bit brighter note, it’s a year since   I have now balanced the accounts and they
      the new Take Heart Cardiac Suite was   will have been audited by the time you are
      opened and it has been a great success.    reading this report. I can then prepare my
      The patients ae happy using it and it has   speech for the AGM which is on the 10  of
      increased the number of patients receiving   June in the Seminar Room. At the time of
      treatment. We have one small problem in   writing this there is 4 months to go but the
      the suite where the chairs against the back   way this year is flying by, it will be upon us
      wall are rubbing bits of paint off the wall so   before we know.
      we are having some protection fitted which
                                             I hope I will see you there.
      should solve the problem.
                                             Alec McLean
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