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      We’ve been encouraging everyone who
      buys goods on the internet from Amazon
      to log in using
      instead of the usual one without the
      This takes you to the same web site as
      normal with the option of choosing
      a charity for Amazon to donate half        AFTERNOON TEA
      a percent of the value of the order to

      This is paid by Amazon – not by you –
      and we hope that you will choose Take
      Heart as your preferred charity. You
      won’t be asked again when you log in
      as it will automatically remember your
      I’m delighted to report that we have
      just had our first dollop of money from
      Amazon - £36.78. This is in only a few
      weeks so it is a potentially valuable
      resource to Take Heart as more people
      sign up.
      Thank you to those who have done so
      and thanks in anticipation for those who
      will in the future. Thanks also to Amazon
      who are paying!

      Bill Stevenson
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