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Dear Take Heart

      The following letter was received in the Take Heart Office recently, the content
      of which is printed below (in full) and again the staff should feel very proud of
      To  Everyone  at  TAKE  HEART

      Please accept my cheque for £100.00, something I always enjoy because I am one
      of many people who have seen first-hand the wonderful facilities you provide in the
      Cardiology Departments with the money. Some patients have travelled from all over the
      My own first time was back in 2013. I was rushed into L18 very ill with severe heart
      failure. I was in the very caring care of Dr D SCHLOSSHAN and his dedicated team of
      doctors and nurses. They gave me more than care; they gave me my life and a future.
      A month later I was back with my ever grateful family, back to 7 weeks of rehab with
      carers. I have been back in L18 & L19 a couple of times for treatment. Then in 2018 I
      was rushed in again with a severe heart block. Once again I was immediately seen by
      Dr PEPPER and his caring team and in a few hours I was fitted with a pacemaker and
      back home in a few days. I cannot find words to explain the feelings I have about these
      so dedicated people who, at this very moment are risking their lives for us. I lost my very
      dear wife over 30 years ago with a cardiac arrest after many years of heart trouble. Since
      then I must say cardiology has progressed so much and with all the marvellous facilities
      you provide, cardiology is in safe hands. May I also mention those very Unsung Heroes
      of the NHS the “Dinner Ladies”, to me a Type 1 Diabetic of nearly 60 years. How grateful
      I am to them who have always done their very best for me and others at all times. I have
      recently celebrated my 93rd birthday. Yes! I am a very old man but I must say that, same
      as during the war, “when the chips are down” as they are now with the virus problem.
      To me this is the best country in the world bar none.
      Take care of yourselves. God bless you all!!
      In appreciation
      Ken WRIGHTON and family.

      If you would like to share your experiences, the email address is
      If you prefer to send in by post it is Take Heart, F Floor, Jubilee Wing, LGI. LS1 3EX.
      Please state if you would like your letter to be anonymous or not.
      Trevor Thompson, Editor.

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