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        Our  new  regular  feature  to
        give you  the  opportunity  to
        know  a  little  more  about  the
        Take  Heart  Trustees
        In  our  3rd  feature  it’s  the  turn
        of  our  hard  working  Trustee

      NAME                                   HOME AND HOBBIES
      Matthew Wood                           I live in the village of Barwick-In-
                                             Elmet with my parents and I have
      ROLE                                   one Brother and one Sister. I love
      I am a Trustee for Take Heart. I am    sports, mainly cricket and football.
      proud to be part of the charity, and   Unfortunately, I had to give cricket up
      to work with such a lovely group of    six years ago, due to having my aorta
      Trustees. I have been a trustee for 9   valve replaced.
                                             I have now taken up crown green
                                             bowling instead which I really enjoy.
      I have worked as a Cardiographer       My other hobbies include walking,
      at Leeds General Infirmary since       music and travelling in the UK,
      2009. I enjoy working with both        something we have all missed during
      adults and children in the outpatients   lockdown.
      department, and also on the wards.     Matthew Wood
      We do ECG’s, fit heart monitors,
      24 hour blood pressure machines
      and also do a breathing test called
      spirometry. I do some cross city
      work going to Chapel Allerton and St
      James Hospital. I really enjoy my job
      as it is very varied, and the staff I work
      with are fantastic and have been so
      supportive over the years.

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