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      A Lorry carrying a consignment of
      omega 3 capsules has over-turned due
      to the high winds… (A spokesperson    SHOP WITH
      said the driver will be fine, he suffered
      a few super fish oil injuries)

      Breaking News... Thieves broke into                                    ?
      WH Smiths last night and stole A4 files,
      folders, poly pockets and dividers.
      (Police are looking for a gang of
      organised criminals)

      Going into my teenage sons bedroom    Please help Take Heart by
      is like a trip to IKEA… (I went in for a   signing in to Amazon with
      look and came out with 6 cups,
      4 plates, 3 bowls and some cutlery)
                                            instead of just
      I haven’t kept up my subscription to
      the Scrabble Club… (Now they have     The first time you do this, you
      started sending me threatening letters)  will be asked which charity you
                                            would like to nominate.
      I was so worried the mechanic would
      rip me off because I confessed I      We would be grateful if you
      knew nothing about cars… (Imagine
      my relief when he said I only need    would say “Take Heart, Leeds”
      indicator fluid.)                     You won’t be asked that again
                                            and if you always log in using
      My mum always used to say “40 is the   ‘smile’, Amazon will make a
      new 30” Lovely woman... (Banned from
      driving.)                             donation to Take Heart of half
                                            a percent of everything you
      The Dad Joke Man                      spend.

                                            It costs you nothing – it’s with
                                            the compliments of Amazon. It
                                            seems a small amount of money
                                            but it soon adds up.
                                            Many thanks.
                                            Trevor Thompson, Editor

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