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Donation from Mr Colin Elliott of York    Donation gifted from Mrs Joan Smith
      with thanks                   £25.00   who passed away on the 5th December.
      Donation given with thanks for the     Via Mrs A Marks               £70.00
      treatment our friend and fellow football player,   Donation from Mr and Mrs A.J.Pask
      James Doran of Wetherby, received on    of East Markham, Newark      £40.00
      ward L18 following his cardiac arrest    Donation from P.Harrison    £10.00
      in August 2020.                        Donation from Mr M Raqib of Bradford   £300.00
      From Mr Mark Bracewell of Bramham   £500.00  Donation in appreciation of his time in
      From Mr Tony Chappell of Leeds 17   £150.00  hospital after a replacement aorta
      From Anon £17.50                       valve fitted and a by pass and for the
      From Mrs June Gledhill of Triangle in   care he has received in the past eight years.
      appreciation of the care and attention she   From Mr and Mrs K Duxbury   £100.00
      received from Mr Javangula, his team and   Donation from Mr Brian Sunderland
      all the staff who looked after her    £100.00  of Silsden           £500.00
      From Mrs M Ruckledge of Rothwell   £100.00  Donation in appreciation of the life saving
      From Mr and Mrs M & J Bryant   £20.00  performed on his son Jamie in 2002 and
      From Mrs Joyce Campbell                who at 18years old continues to live a
      of Pool-in-Wharfedale         £30.00   normal healthy life.
      Donation in lieu of a birthday present    From Mr and Mrs S.Mumby
      from Mr David Lancaster of LS9   £30.00  of Scunthorpe              £250.00
      Legacy donation from the late Mrs Bronwen   Donation from Mr M Lacotta of Ilkley   £247.50
      Wilson. Both Mrs Wilson and Mrs Peggy Scott
      had heart surgery in 2003 and were given an    The following are on-line donations:
      extra 16 and 13 years respectively as a result.    In memory of Eric Dobson
      From Mrs Sharon Scott of Ossett   £200.00  from Stuart Beevor       £250.00
      Donation given in appreciation of the care    In memory of Eric Dobson,
      her son Simon Walter received on the    a lovely husband, dad and grandad
      Cardiac Wards of the Leeds General Infirmary    with love from Heather Turner   £241.00
      and also in memory of her husband      In memory of Eric Dobson
      Dr Christopher Walter who died in 2019    from Steve Dobson          £62.50
      from acute heart failure.              As requested by my beautiful friend
      From Mrs M Walter of Ely, Cambs   £200.00  Janet Fahey from Julie Burd   £37.50
      From Mrs S.Ridgeway of LS10   £10.00   Donation in memory of Nora Carille, a
      Donation given in lieu of Christmas Cards    wonderful friend and teacher who died at
      and stamps from Mrs Mavis Pell of Morley  £20.00  St James's Hospital on the 29th September.
      Donations of £50.00 each in appreciation    With many thanks for all the kindness
      of the work Take Heart does for the benefit    and care she received at that hospital
      of the heart centre.                   during her illness. From Pauline Allen   £25.00
      From Mr and Mrs Geoff & Jean Padgett    Remembering the birthday of Peter Cross.
      of Otley                     £100.00   From Marilyn Cross             £31.25
      Donation given with grateful thanks to all    Donation of Rosie Pemberton   £12.50
      doctors nurses and support staff on ward L14    Donation from Ryan Greatrick    £15.00
      for the quality of service provided, the   Donation from P.K.Bhachu   £62.50
      knowledge, professionalism, efficiency   Donor message: In memory of my
      and friendliness of the whole team.    dad who died 4/5 years ago from heart failure.
      This includes the lovely people who were   In lieu of sending Christmas cards. Take heart
      continually keeping the ward clean and   does an amazing job to make life more bearable
      who served the meals.                  for those in hospital with heart problems.
      From Mr Keith Simpson                  From Ellen Webster LS28       £25.00
      of Knaresborough              £50.00   Donation from Dexter Lancaster   £25.00
      Donation from Mrs Barbara Varley   £50.00  Donation in memory of Janet Thompson
      Donation from Mrs G.Ridley-Ellis   £25.00  who sadly passed away in November.
      Donation from Mr and Mrs C.Lister      From Andrew Stewart.          £12.50
      of Leeds 16                   £50.00

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