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Donor message: This is a thank you for   Donation Message reads: With so many
      looking after my mum J Teale.          memories to draw upon, Les will be
      She always spoke very highly of the staff   remembered fondly and missed by all.
      who took time to contact her when she   Hoping he's enjoying his pint of Guiness
      needed it even if it was               and a pickled egg up there. With love from
      just for a chat. Thank you to the heart    Bob, Pauline Charm, Andy Cam and
      failure team, from Ms Maxine Vasey   £50.00  Lucie xxx. Via Charmaine Townend   £84.35
      Donor message: I am donating £500      Donor message: A Charity close to my heart.
      as a thank you to Dr Mozid and all the team on   Donated in loving memory of a great man.
      ward 14 who took great care of me on the   From Helen Rowney          £18.75
      27th November 2020 during my angioplasty.    Donation from Rosie Marshall    £12.50
      Best wishes for the future.            Donation from John Hamlin      £31.25
      From Peter Clarke            £625.00   Donor message: Thank you for the
      Donor message: In memory of            wonderful care which I received whilst
      Richard Thompson who died in 2006      I was in the Jubilee Wing the year 2020.
      and his wife, my aunt, Janet Eveline Thompson   From John Phillip Farman   £31.25
      who died on the 10th of November 2020.    Donor message: Happy Xmas.
      From Martin Barron            £62.50   From Allan Taylor             £125.00
      Donor message: I'm not sending         Donor message: In loving memory of
      Christmas cards this year as I decided   Bernard Naylor from his family who miss
      that the charity would benefit more.   him every single day. Karen Naylor    £31.25
      My mum and I have long since supported   Donor message: With grateful thanks to
      the charity so I felt who better to    you for fundraising and small recognition
      receive this small amount.             of the wonderful work all the dedicated
      Thank you for all that you do.         medical staff do, each and
      From Karen Taylor             £37.50   every day. From Terry McQueen    £312.50
      Donor message: In memory of Vincent    Donor message: In memory of Malcolm
      from Andrew Hall             £100.00   Clough, Drun Lane, Drub village.
      Donation from Denise hunter   £25.00   From Lorna Wragg              £30.00
      Donation from Adam Collins    £25.00   Donor message: Sold Take Heart photo
      Donor message: To four old mates       prints to raise money for the charity who
      Dave T, Graham C, James B and          helped me and my family immensely in the
      uncle John J and all. From John Hornby    £25.00  past when a family member had open heart
      Donor message: Donation made           surgery. Raised money through the
      on behalf of all my family and friends.   print sales as well as making a donation
      This is money I would have spent on    from myself. Thank you.
      Christmas cards and postage. My family   From Josephine Martin       £60.00
      are aware and are very supportive.     Donor message: In memory of
      From Valerie Kenworthy        £62.50   Christopher Linley. Via Joanne Linley   £575.00
      Donation from Robert Stokoe   £10.00   Donation from Vinay Rao       £125.00
      Donor message: In memory of            Donor message: In memory of a
      Colin Morley, a loved husband, brother,   wonderful man, who remained cheerful
      dad and grandad. Unfortunately he died   despite his poor health and who was much
      of Covid on the 5th of November 2020   loved by family and friends.
      which has hit us very hard.            From Sheila Wills             £25.00
      This money has been donated by members   Donor message: In memory of a lovely man.
      of the family in Colin's memory as he   From Pamela Glennon           £18.75
      was a regular donator to Take Heart.   Donor message: In memory of a
      Donation via Jemma Morley    £649.40   remarkable gentleman.
      Donation from Francis Green   £125.00  From Richard McCartney         £18.75
      Donation from William Airey   £62.50   Donor message: Thanks for your help
      Donation from John Bateson    £25.00   during a stay at LGI for heart surgery
      Donation from Richard Webster   £15.00   this year.
                                             From Tom Mortimer              £31.25

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