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Donor message: In memory of Les a very   Donor message: This is in appreciation of
      kind gentleman whom I only met once    the care and attention I received in the
      but was very friendly to me. I will never   LGI in January 2013 while undergoing
      forget his kindness. From Nicole Tolkin   £25.00   a triple heart by-pass. I wish I could
      Donor message: From Helen, Liz, Tim    afford more.
      and Harry. Lou Simon, Ollie and Milly.   From Mr Roland Dawson       £62.50
      He was so loved by us all and will be   Donor message: This donation is on
      deeply missed. Huge love to his beloved   behalf of Miss Christine Morley 93
      Carol, Chris, Sue and Grandchildren.   Swinnow Road, Leeds 13.
      Via Louise Chapman xx        £120.50   Via Susan Bettany.           £625.00
      Donor message: Remembering Les         Donor message: Please accept this
      whose smile was as big as his heart x.  donation in loving memory of Patrick Kelly
      From Kathryn Illingworth      £31.25   who you cared for in 2018.
      Donor message: So much love for this   Via Steohen Wignal           £1475.00
      man and fond memories of him.          Donor message: Donations made at my
      From Richard Keeble           £37.50   fathers funeral, from Mr Russell Booth   £368.00
      Donor message: We never forget you.    Donor message: This donation is made on
      From Marie Rosza Tataine Nemes   £18.75  behalf of Tony and Ying Lai, in memory of
      Donor message: Donations given         Roger Haigh who had open heart surgery at
      by family and friends in memory of     LGI in Jan 2015. He sadly passed away on
      Dorothy Russell.                       21 Jan 2021. Via Alex Lai     £51.00
      From Martin Russell           £114.00  Donor message: To all the amazing staff
      Donation from Damian Mawer    £37.50   on ward L16 for looking after David Horsfield
      Donor message: In lieu of sending      from 22nd December 2020 until his discharge
      Christmas cards. From David Biscombe   £50.00  on January 26th 2021 following a successful
      Donor message: In loving memory of     triple by pass and aortic valve
      Michael Field – died 16th January 2021.   replacement. Celebrating Christmas
      From Chris Harrison          £100.00   and his 71st birthday with you.
      Donation from Martyn Pitkin   £25.00   From Judith Horsfield         £312.50
      Donation from Cerys Dyson      £6.02   Donor message: In memory of John Foster,
      Donation from Beth Shires     £10.00   from Pat Davis and family      £31.25
      Donor message: In loving memory of     Donor message: With thanks to
      Uncle Sid (Fox) who died on Monday     Dr J Rossington.
      18th of January 2021.                  From Lorraine Robinson        £125.00
      With love from Tony and Sue Sandles   £30.12  Donor message: In memory of Eddie Eddison
      Donor message: With thanks to all the   who died on the 27th January and who
      wonderful staff of Ward L16.           wanted donations in his memory to go to
      From Brian Beckett           £250.00   Take Heart because he had received such
      Donor message: In loving memory of     fine treatment from the cardiologists
      Phyllis Mary Walter who died peacefully   over so many years. Thinking of my
      at home on the 28th December 2020      cousin Christine Eddison and family.
      aged 93 years. From Chris and Adele,   From Joanna Durbin            £30.00
      Kevin, Elaine, Sarah and Rachel Cooper    £25.00   Donor message: In memory of Eddie Eddison.
      Donor message: In loving memory of     From Richard Durbin           £125.00
      Ian Rodger Turner who sadly passed away   Donation from Jeff Bolton of Morley   £300.00
      on the 4th January 2021. He will be    Donor message: On behalf of the continual
      dearly missed. Many thanks to          treatment and support for Mr John Sheard.
      Take Heart for their great work        From Stewart Norris           £125.00
      and support over the years.            Donation from Deborah Martin   £15.00
      He couldn't sing their praises enough.   Donation from Robert Snowden   £62.50
      Via Julie Dixon               £187.50  Donor message: You provided me with
                                             a room when my son had a heart
                                             operation last year.
                                             From Kim Parker of Hull        £6.25

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