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Donor message: In memory of Madge      Donor message: Michael was a fabulous
      Renton. Love Ashley and Lauren.        uncle and godfather. We'll never forget his jokes
      From Lauren Docherty          £25.00   and the way in which he made us all laugh.
      Donor message: In memory of Brian Ursell   We have great memories of family occasions,
      who used to raise funds for Take Heart   meals and holidays together. He will
      when he was younger and also enjoyed   always remembered fondly as you
      the free TV when in hospital with      couldn't meet a nicer person.
      his own heart problems.                From Laura Hulse               £36.15
      From Carol Bradford           £55.00   Donor message: Many happy times were
      Donation from Sarah Holstead   £12.50  shared with Michael who was a good brother
      Donation from Lee Bradford    £12.50   and brother in law as anyone could have.
      Donation from Nicole Arnold   £35.00   He was sincere, supportive and considerate.
      Donor message: Love to Julie, Emma and   We will miss him. From Graham Bray   £36.15
      family. Michael was such a lovely man.   Donor message: Money from
      From Denise Broome            £31.25   Michael's funeral. Via Jo Hepplewhite   £50.00
      Donor message: Mike will be missed     Donor message: A lovely man who will be
      by many. I remember him as always      greatly missed. Our thoughts are with
      cheerful and would do anything         all his family. From Andrew Groves   £31.25
      for anybody.                           Donor message: Grateful I had such a big
      From Peter T Jewitt           £12.50   part in Emma and Joes Wedding which
      Donor message: Thinking of you all.    gave me a chance to get to know this
      From Laura Hebblewhite        £10.00   amazing guy. Thinking of you all.
      Donation from Charli Walton   £12.50.  From Robert Palmer            £12.50
      Donor message: Thank you for sharing   Donor message: Donation raised on a
      your story and highlighting the work of   raffle run by Sarah Melanie Fuller, Spiritualist
      Take Heart. From Stan Kay     £25.00   Medium. Raffle won and charity chosen by
      Donation from Emma Hall       £12.50   Beckie Kent after receiving help from
      Donation from Josephine Carlow   £12.50  Take Heart for her dad.    £100.00
      Donor message: RIP my friend.          Donor message: A thank you to Paul
      From Jeff Swindells           £25.00   Kaufman for lending me one of his excellent
      Donor message: Condolences to you and    quizzes. Keep up the good work.
      Emma, Julie. From Janet Metcalf   £12.50  From John Cole             £13.06
      Donor message: Uncle Michael is forever   Donor message: A donation to your
      in our hearts and memories. We were    charity, Take Heart.
      so lucky and grateful to have had such   From Tony Sturdy            £112.50
      a kind, gentle and lovely uncle.       Donor message: Happy 90th birthday
      We love you so much.                   Aunty Rose, Lots of Love Russell and
      From Rachel Bagnall-Bray      £36.15   Michelle Onley-Revill         £48.20
      Donor message: Michael was a wonderful   Donor message: Happy birthday Grandma,
      colleague and friend for almost 50 years   we love you lots, Emma, Nick, Olivia
      and I will miss his friendship and kindness   and Harriet xxx. From Emma Franks   £37.50
      towards me. I always looked forward to   From Jon-Paul Sturdy        £25.00
      meeting up with Mike at the            Donor message: Happy birthday Rose.
      Woodlands pub with other               Love Linda and Geoff          £15.00
      old friends. Alan. Via Thomas Smith   £31.25  Donor message: Happy 90th birthday Rose.
      Donor message: Although we only knew   Love Avis and Chris x         £12.50
      Mike for a short while we always enjoyed his   Donor message: Happy 90th birthday Rose.
      company. He had a great sense of humour   Love Lynne and Dave         £6.25
      and always saw the best in people. We feel   Donor message: Happy birthday Grandma.
      lucky to have had him as part of our   Love you so much, hope you have a
      extended family and for Jo to have     wonderful day. What a lovely idea
      had such a loving father in law.       giving to charity.
      From Julie Hebblewhite.       £37.50   Love Katie, Greg, Ferne, Emys and Luna   £37.50

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