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Donor message: Happy 90th birthday Rose.   Donor message: You are a star Yvonne.
      Sally Dodd                     £6.25   From Johnathon Stewart        £125.00
      Donor message: Happy birthday Rose,    Donor message: Good luck Yvonne.
      hope you have a lovely day    £12.50   Best wishes from Maxine Sadler   £18.75
      Donor message: Happy 90th birthday Rose,   Donor message: Go you Yvonne –
      hope you had a wonderful day.          you can do it. You are the most
      This fundraising shows what an amazing,   determined person I know.
      caring and special lady you are.       From Catherine Gibbin         £25.00
      Love from everyone at Lilies Home Care.   Donor message: Good luck Yvonne and
      Via Charlotte Gledhill        £50.00   happy walking. From Leoni Springle   £18.75
      Donor message: Well done Rose, what a   Donor message: Awesome effort Mrs S,
      great birthday idea x. From Gail Hogarth   £12.50  So Impressive. You'll smash it.
      Donor message: Hope you have a lovely   From Karen Lister            £25.00
      90th birthday. Remember spending many   Donor message: You are a star in our
      happy times at your house with Diane.   eyes already. You'll smash it.
      Love and best wishes Gill Netcalfe   £25.00  From Jeremy Stewart     £312.50
      Donor message: Happy birthday mum,     Donor message: Great effort Yvonne,
      all our love Diane and Billy   £50.00  very impressed. From Margaret Rea   £125.00
      Donor message: What a wonderful, kind   Well done Yvonne. Amazing challenge
      and thoughtful way to share your happy   by our amazing friend for an amazing
      day Rose. Happy 90th birthday.         cause. Good luck and much love.
      From Nicholas Franks          £25.00   From Clare Grey, Noah, Oscar and Anneke  £36.15
      Donor message: Happy 90th birthday Rose    Donor message: Go Yvonne. You're the best.
      enjoy every minute of your special day   Love Lucy Clarkson, Ewan, Eliot and Ian.   £25.00
      and soon we'll all meet again and      Donor message: Amazing work Yvonne.
      have a chat and a laugh.               From Megan Godden             £12.50
      Love Joyce, Julie and Amelia xxx   £20.00  Donor message: Well done Yvonne – very
      Donor message: Happy birthday          special cause, good luck clocking up the
      Auntie Rose. Lots of happy memories    miles and wishing you all very well.
      of helping you do charity fund raising   From Elaine Grainger        £15.00
      when I was a child and amazed that      Donor message: What a time you have
      you are still doing it now at 90.      been through. Sending our very best
      Lots of love from Julie Parry   £24.10  wishes to you all and good luck
      Donor message: Happy birthday Rose.    with your challenge.
      From Alison Shears            £12.50   From Anna Woollven             £18.75
      Donor message: Happy birthday Aunt Rose.   Sorry to hear about your trauma –
      Love you lots from Margaret Allsop   £10.00  what an awful time for you all.
      Donor message: Have a very happy 90th   Good luck – you'll totally smash it.
      birthday AR. Much love from Sue, Barry and   From Lucy-Ann Kirkham   £12.05
      all the family. Take Heart is a fabulous   Good luck Yvonne. Lots of love to you all.
      charity and were there when I had      From Jo Reynolds               £18.75
      open heart surgery 13 years ago.       Donor message: What a challenge,
      From Sue Livesley              £6.25   but worth it. From Elizabeth Johnson   £50.00
      Donor message: Donation given to me in    Donor message: Go Yvonne.
      birthday cards. From Diane Sample   £75.00  From Elizabeth Searby    £18.07
      Donor message: We think that you are like   Donor message: Well done Yvonne you are
      Col Sir Tom and will be fund           a real lifesaver, and now going the
      raising when you are 100.              extra 300 miles.
      Very best wishes Brian Price   £37.50   Love Anna via Johnathan Stewart   £125.00
      Donor message: Lets do this!           Donor message - Hi Yvonne Great Cause.
      Wishing you the best of luck with this   Good luck with it. We have no doubt that
      fabulous cause                         you will achieve it. All the very best.
      From Jane Smithson            £37.50   From the Otley Rockkiff's.    £37.50

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