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Donor message: Wishing you luck –      Donation from Cathie Shields   £10.00
      first gear is never over-rated. Love and   Donation from Michelle Coe   £25.00
      big hugs from your big cuz in the south,   Donation from Donald Darroch   £25.00
      Lesley Moore and Gary.       £120.50   Donation from Sally O'Connell   £18.75
      Donor message: Go Yvonne – you are a star.   Donation from Alison Spencer   £20.00
      From Kate Douglas             £18.75   Donation from Andrew Rockiff   £18.75
      Donor message: You are amazing Yvonne.   Donation from Ruby Stewart   £12.50
      All the very best for you and Johnathans health.   Donations from Ajit Singh   £50.00
      Good luck- From Deepika Ganesh   £62.50  Donations from Miss Hannah Ratcliffe   £90.35
      Donor message Go Yvonne. A real Heroine.   Donations from Dr Doug Wilford   £60.25
      From Tessa Beaumont           £12.50   Donations from Stephen Stericker   £36.15
      Donor message: Good luck Yvonne. You will   Donations from Mrs Bronwyn Hardcastle   £40.00
      do it all for a very good cause. I hope your   Donations from Mr Peter Whitehead   £12.05
      shoulder and back don't suffer too much.   Donations from Glynnn Wainwright   £72.30
      Lots of love mum. Via Johnathan Stewart  £125.00   Donations from Adrian Louden   £30.10
      Donor message: Good luck Yvonne –      Donations from Thomas Lester   £48.20
      keep going. From Linda Dustan   £20.00  Donations from Rachel Johnson   £62.50
      Donor message: Glad to support such a great   Donations from John Dobson   £312.50
      cause and a lovely family. Go for it Yvonne.   Donations from Dawn Sutcliffe   £75.00
      From Elizabeth Shores         £25.00   Donations from John Shuttleworth   £15.00
      Donor message: Good luck Yvonne.
      Glad to hear that your husband is on the mend.
      Fantastic cause – I'm sure you will succeed.
      Paul Devall                   £18.75
      Donor message: Very good cause Yvonne.   Total donations for
      My husband is currently having heart
      treatment so fully appreciate what      this period are
      you are raising funds for.
      From Kathryn Sewell           £18.75    £28,655.25
      Donor message: Well done Yvonne.
      Keep going. From Debbie Shaftoe   £12.50
      Donor message: Yvonne you're amazing.   On average less than 1.5% of this
      Johnathon and Ruby must be very proud.   total is used for expenses.
      Hope you're being extra kind to yourself in   The remainder is used for the benefit
      between these hard slogs – plenty of hot
      chocolate and rest. So great you've already   of patients, their relatives and staff
      smashed your fundraising target for a   within the Yorkshire Heart Centre.
      good cause.
      From Emma Bellis              £37.50
      Donor message: Keep going with the
      cycling. You looked pretty good to
      me when I saw you last week.
      From Hazel Holey              £12.50
      Donor message: All the best with your
      challenge – great to be able to give something
      back to a good cause. You are a real life saver.
      From Brian Keys              £125.00
      Donor message: Brilliant challenge Yvonne.
      We owe you a great deal of gratitude for
      saving J. From Donald Keys   £120.50
      Donor message: Go girl. You’re a superstar
      for looking after J and keeping him safe.
      Sending lots of love and support xxx
      From Kathryn Thomson          £25.00
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