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      Welcome to the first newsletter of     Centres have shown, working in
      2021 and thank you to our Trustees     very challenging environments, and
      for the organisation, printing and     adapting to change to deliver high
      distribution of this to our members.   quality care to patients, has been
      We know that you appreciate            incredible.
      receiving our newsletter and so are    Spring brings hope and I am pleased
      working hard to make sure we can       that the numbers of people and
      continue to send this out to you all.   patients with Covid are reducing.
      We also appreciate your ongoing        I hope that with the vaccine the
      support for the charity.
                                             risk is reduced further but we need
      I know that 2020 has been really       to continue to take the necessary
      difficult for most people, all our lives   precautions to ensure we continue
      have been changed dramatically by      with this trend. I hope you all keep
      the pandemic and we have lost loved    safe and well.
      ones as a result of Covid. I would like
      to pay a special and heartfelt thanks
      to all our NHS staff who have worked
      incredibly hard during the pandemic.
      The dedication and commitment the      Gina McGawley
      cardiac staff at the Yorkshire Heart   Chairman

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