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      What a year we have had; will it never   the months of February and March
      end? We haven't been able to hold      but Coronavirus put paid to that. I
      any of our fundraising events and      haven't been able to see the garden
      as a result we miss seeing a lot of    as I'm not allowed to go up to F floor,
      our friends. We have been fortunate    but I don't think that any work has
      in as much as people still continue    been started yet.
      to send donations to the charity.      Whilst our office at the LGI remains
      Around Christmas time we usually       closed any phone calls are being
      buy presents for the patients who are   re-routed to my home phone and
      unlucky enough to be in the hospital   my wife Edith is answering them.
      over the Christmas period and it has   She checks the phone regularly and
      always been a pleasure to distribute   because of her help we are keeping
      them on Christmas Eve. We usually      up to date. This is proving to be
      had a little wine and cheese party as   successful especially with any queries,
      a thank you to our helpers, (just helps   we still get the odd call which is
      to get you into the Christmas Spirit).   nothing to do with Take Heart but if
      Sadly in 2020 we couldn't; however,    we can help them, we do. Some of
      the patients still received a present   the calls are about how to make a
      which we had purchased earlier.        donation to the Take Heart charity,
      We also buy Tea and coffee for the     you can send them to:
      wards and departments for all the      Take Heart, F Floor, Yorkshire Heart
      good work they do looking after the    Centre, Jubilee Building, Leeds
      patients throughout the year.
                                             General Infirmary, LS1 3EX.
      We have still been able to buy         I will collect them when I can, which
      equipment for the wards, (hopefully    is usually about every three weeks.
      to make the work on the wards just     You can send them to my home
      that little bit easier). Before we went   address or I can collect if it’s not too
      into lockdown we had arranged for      far from my home address which
      the roof garden to be refurbished; it   is in Rodley, Leeds 13. I will ensure
      was looking a bit tired and neglected.   that every donation will receive an
      The plan was to do the work during     acknowledgement.

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