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                                             No one likes to think of death,
                                             but we have been contacted
                                             recently by several members
                                             asking how to go about leaving
                                             a legacy to Take Heart in their
                                             will. Indeed, we have been
      When we can get back to normal         touched and moved by the
      it will be a bit like starting all over   generosity of some members
      again – I just hope that we can        who have left us both small and
      get the volunteers back to as we       large amounts.
      were before the pandemic struck.
      It will be lovely to be able to hold   When this happens, while
      a weekly stall again, have Saturday    mourning the passing of our
      afternoon teas once a month, hold      friends, the legacies have
      a sponsored walk and sell raffle       enabled us to make major
      tickets, and best of all be able to    improvements to the Yorkshire
      meet people again.                     Heart Centre which benefits all
      Last month we held a virtual           patients.
      Trustees Meeting and quite a few       If you are thinking about
      good ideas were discussed, one of
      which was that we would do our         mentioning Take Heart in your
      best to send out the newsletter        will and are unsure about
      4 times a year starting in April.      procedures, our Honorary
      It’s worthwhile as the newsletter      Solicitor, Tom Morrish of
      keeps us all in touch.                 Morrish Solicitors, LLP, has
                                             expressed his willingness to
      Hope to be able to see you soon,
                                             assist members at no charge. He
      Stay safe.                             can be contacted by telephone
      Alec McLean, Treasurer                 at their Yeadon Office on 033
                                             3344 9609.
                                             Thank you.


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