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                                                  The Trustees of Take Heart wish
                                                  to give a special mention to Non
                                                  Clinical Support Worker Pauline
                                                  Hillion who has worked on Ward
                                                  L16 for six years providing a
                                                  service for the benefit of staff and
                                                  patients in the cardiac surgery and
                        Dr Mozid                  cardiology ward.
                                                  In that time Pauline has sold Take
                                                  Heart pens, badges, wrapping
                                                  paper and Christmas cards on
      Cath Labs                                   behalf of the charity, and has
                                                         provided donations and
                                                           messages to support the
                                                            work of the charity.
      AV Equipment                                           Heartfelt thanks from
                                                              the Trustees of Take
                                                              Heart to Pauline
                                                               for your selfless
      AV Equipment funded by Take Heart                           commitment to
      for filming procedures in the Cath Labs                        the charity.
      has been used for training and live
      cases recently for the benefit of staff
      and patients. The technology allows
      pre-recording of ‘live’ TAVI cases which
      can be streamed to a large international
      audience by the Yorkshire Heart Centre
      TAVI team.
      Dr Abdul Mozid (Consultant
      Interventional Cardiologist) thanked
      Take Heart for funding this important
      technology which allows the Yorkshire
      Heart Centre to contribute to these
      national and international meetings,
      which ultimately benefit staff and

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