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      (EP RESEARCH  NURSE),         Take Heart?
      (CHAIR,  TAKE  HEART).

                                    Take Heart is a charity set up 30 years ago by
                                    a small group who wished to give something
                                    back to the Yorkshire Heart Centre at Leeds
                                    General Infirmary after successful treatment.
                                    Since its inception, the charity has raised
                                    nearly four million pounds and has made an
                                    enormous difference for patients and staff alike.
                                    The charity is most unusual in that there are
                                    no salaries paid to any staff – all trustees give
                                    their time voluntarily and only a tiny percentage
                                    of donations is used for administration.
                                    The differences made are immediately apparent
                                    when you enter the Heart Centre. New modern
                                    furniture, decor and fittings, modern equipment,
                                    bedside television, radio, internet and even all
                                    bedside landline telephone calls are provided
                                    free by Take Heart. Superb accommodation is
                                    provided in the hospital free of charge by Take
                                    Heart for patient’s relatives who have distance
                                    to travel. Additional medical equipment is also
                                    provided to enhance the treatment of patients as
                                    is the provision of booklets for patients explaining
                                    procedures practised in the hospital. Staff areas
                                    including reception desks, staff rooms and
                                    cloakrooms have been refurbished. Take Heart
                                    also provide a roof garden adjacent to the heart
                                    wards to give patients, relatives and staff a breath
                                    of fresh air. All this and so much more is provided
                                    with the generous donations received. So much
                                    so that staff have been overheard referring to
                                    Take Heart as their own Fairy Godmother.

                                    We never fail to be touched by the
                                    wonderful people who donate small and
                                    larger amounts. Thank you so much.
                                    Trevor Thompson, Editor

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