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        staff you

                                                                                         TH: Good morning, please tell our      TH: How do you help reassure patients
        may meet                                                                         readers who you are?                   who may be scared or nervous coming

                                                                                         A: Hi Take Heart, I’m Jobeline.        in for their procedure?
                                                                                                                                A: I’m a very bubbly and friendly
                                                                                         TH: What is it you do?                 person, always smiling behind this
                                                                                         A: My role is a Clinical Support Worker   mask! I like to talk to patients and let
                                                                                         and I look after patients who come     them know they are in safe hands and
        Jobeline                                                                         for heart procedures. I perform ECGs,   will be looked after very well. I like to
                                                                                         take bloods and observations and       chat to them and find out a bit more
        Clinical  Support                                                                ensure all patients are kept safe and   about their life and interests and that
        Worker                                                                           comfortable before and after their     usually helps make them feel less
                                                                                         procedure.                             anxious.

                                                                                         TH: Where might we see you working?    TH: What do you like to get up to
                                                                                                                                outside of work?
                                                                                         A: I spend my week working between
                                                                                         L14 and the Take Heart Cardiac Suite.   A: I love going out and enjoying
                                                                                         I also cover agency shifts from time   myself, I really like going to the movies
                                                                                         to time in other parts of the hospital   and watching comedies, listening to
                                                                                         so you may see me working in           music and travelling. I’m planning  a
                                                                                         Phlebotomy (taking bloods) or in the   holiday in Dubai next year – mainly
                                                                                         surgical pre-assessment unit and in    for the shopping! I also really want
                                                                                         the oncology outpatient department.    to visit Canada and see the lakes and
                                                                                                                                mountains. I’m also a brilliant cook,
                                                                                         TH: How long have you worked at the    my father was from the Ivory Coast
                                                                                         Leeds Teaching Hospitals?              and my mother from Cameroon and
                                                                                         A: I’ve worked at LTHT since 2017,     I make a wonderful Cameroon chicken
                                                                                         I was previously a support worker      curry!
                                                                                         for young adults with disabilities.
                                                                                         I joined Leeds Teaching Hospitals as   TH: Last question … tell us an
                                                                                         an apprentice Clinical Support Worker.   interesting fact about you?
                                                                                         During my training I was originally    A: My first language is French, I learnt
                                                                                         placed in a different area but managed   English for the first time when I moved
                                                                                         to switch into cardiology and I love   here in 2003.
                                                                                         it here, there are so many different
                                                                                         treatments and investigations, it’s
                                                                                         great to be part of such a large and
                                                                                         friendly team.
                                                                                                             Thank you Jobeline

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