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Colin   Hi Take Heart

 Gledhill  Kathryn Tweede and I attended the

      M&K Training and Development course
      Cardiac Pacing for Nurses on 7th June
      which was kindly funded by the Take
      Heart charity.
      This course provided the essential knowledge
      to effectively manage a patient throughout
      the life cycle of pacemaker / implantable
      cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).
 During his lifetime, Mr Colin Gledhill was   from the hearse onto a boat which in turn
 a very popular man and this was reflected   was loaded onto a trailer and pulled by   The course included temporary pacing which
 in the amount of money (£1,425.00)   another vehicle. The empty hearse was   the majority of cardiac surgical patients will
 donated to Take Heart at his funeral. He   then filled with blown-up balloons and   remember is the box attached to wires coming
 was known locally as "THE BALLOON   a sweepstake was held on the day to see   from the bottom of their wound. We also
 MAN", a profession in which he found   who could guess how many balloons   learned more about the different types of
 himself when he had to close the family   were in the hearse. The winner (Colin’s   pacemakers available and the different rhythm
 delicatessen business due to supermarkets   granddaughter Beau) kindly donated her   problems which indicate what type of device
 supplying such goods.   winnings to Take Heart. Colin’s home was   is best. It was really interesting to see how
 next to the cricket ground so the funeral   the size of pacemakers has changed over the
 To obtain all his skills needed within the   procession went round the perimeter   years. Now some pacemakers are the size of a
 balloon industry, Colin underwent all the   pound coin!
 training, and in time his balloons adorned   of the ground before moving off to the
 the opening and finish of the London   It was a great refresher for both of us and
 Marathon!   The perimeter of the cricket ground was   also taught us some new things about pacing
 full of friends who paid their last respects,   patients.
 Colin had always stated that if anything   letting off confetti canons all around the
 happened to him, he wanted his   These courses are great for the clinical team
 funeral to be a happy event. Under the   ground.  to attend as we always learn something new
 circumstances (caused by the coronavirus   Since the funeral, the family has arranged   which we can then share with our ward staff.
 pandemic), alas only a handful of people   a “Day of Fun” to celebrate his life and this
 were able to attend.   was held on Sunday the 29th August at   We would both like to say a big thank you
 the Cricket ground. The day ended with a   to Take Heart for funding this course for us
 That didn't stop everyone who loved and   fantastic firework display arranged by the   and we would like other staff to attend other
 knew him paying their respects though.   undertaker who was also a pyro technician   training to improve our overall practice and
 People lined the funeral procession route   (firework expert) and some of Colin's ashes   enable us to provide the best care for our
 along the way waving Union Jack Flags,   were fired into space in a rocket.    patients on Ward L16.
 applauding as the hearse passed.
 Colin always wanted to go out with a bang.    Many thanks from
 At his funeral, his coffin was decorated   And he certainly did!
 with bright balloons and the top had a   Vicki Bentley Senior Sister L16 and
 Union Jack. The coffin was transferred   MRS JUNE GLEDHILL  Sister Kathryn Tweede L16.

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