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CONGRATULATIONS                                                                                 Gary & Alex at the start.


      On Friday 27th August, accompanied by my
      daughter Alex, I completed a sponsored
      walk to raise money for the Take Heart
      Charity. We walked from my home in Idle,
      Bradford to the Jubilee Wing at Leeds
      General Infirmary. This walk was thirteen
      miles in total and we walked along the canal                                                                                     Half way.
      for the majority of the way. The walk took
      just under four hours. Some people may
      say thirteen miles is not much! But from
      not being able to walk a few yards without
      getting out of breath this was an incredible
      achievement for myself.
      In July 2019 I was told I needed a quadruple
      heart bypass. This news came as an utter
      shock to me and my family, and it took quite
      a while for us to process the news. I had my
      surgery in December at the LGI and I cannot
      thank the staff enough for their wonderful
      care whilst I was there. The extras supplied
      by the Take Heart Charity certainly made
      my hospital stay more comfortable and
      Whilst recovering at home I knew I wanted
      to do something to “pay back” for all that I
      had experienced, hence the sponsored walk    Alec McLean Treasurer
      idea came alive. I have been amazed at the   (left), Garry (centre) and
      generosity of friends, family and people who   Trevor Thompson
                                                   Trustee (right).
      have not personally met me, but have read
      about my walk. The total I raised, inclusive
      of Gift Aid included was £1,346.25. I had
      originally put my target as £200.00!
      Thank You
                                                                                                      Gary & Alex at the Finish.
      Garry Nellist 

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