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WHAT IS                                         VIRGIN                               CONGRATULATIONS

      Take Heart?                                     MONEY                                LUCY


      Take Heart is a charity set up 30 years ago by
      a small group who wished to give something
      back to the Yorkshire Heart Centre at Leeds     Virgin Money Giving was
      General Infirmary after successful treatment.   created 12 years ago when
      Since its inception, the charity has raised more   Virgin Money began its
      than five million pounds and has made an        sponsorship of the London
      enormous difference for patients and staff alike.   Marathon. Virgin Money
      The charity is most unusual in that there are no   Giving have announced
      salaries paid to any staff – all trustees give their   with effect from 30th
      time voluntarily and only a tiny percentage     November 2021 they will
      of donations is used for administration.        cease all work including
      The differences made are immediately apparent   handling donations for
      when you enter the Heart Centre. New            everything from the London
      modern furniture, decor and fittings, modern    Marathon to small charities                                                                      Lucy Walsh &
      equipment, bedside television, radio, internet   such as Take Heart.                                                                             Connor Kidd
      and even all bedside landline telephone         So please do not use them
      calls are provided free by Take Heart. Superb   for any future projects
      accommodation is provided in the hospital free   you may have, we are
      of charge by Take Heart for patient’s relatives   making arrangements to                                              Take Heart supporter Lucy Walsh
      who have distance to travel. Additional medical   sign up with JUST GIVING           Lucy at the                      completed the Asda Foundation York
      equipment is also provided to enhance the                                            York 10k                         10k on Sunday 1st August 2021. The route
      treatment of patients as is the provision of    and further details will                                              saw runners start in Knavesmire Road in
      booklets for patients explaining procedures     be announced in the                                                   York before passing through Bishopthorpe
      practised in the hospital. Staff areas including   December Newsletter and                                            Road, Nunnery Lane, Bridge Street, past
      reception desks, staff rooms and cloakrooms     on our website.                                                       York Minster to Goodramgate, Parliament
      have been refurbished. Take Heart also provide   Alec McLean                                                          Street and Coppergate before taking the
      a roof garden adjacent to the heart wards to    Treasurer                                                             river path over Blue Bridge and Millennium
      give patients, relatives and staff a breath of                                                                        Bridge.
      fresh air. All this and so much more is provided
      with the generous donations received. So much                                                                         The York 10k has been described as one of
      so that staff have been overheard referring to                                                                        the UK’s most beautiful city runs, taking in
      Take Heart as their own Fairy Godmother.                                                                              some of the city’s most historic landmarks,
                                                                                                                            including the ancient city walls, Clifford’s
      We never fail to be touched by the                                                                                    Tower and The Minster.
      wonderful people who donate small and
      larger amounts. Thank you so much.                                                                                    To date Lucy has raised £500.00 for Take
                                                                                                                            Heart, thank you Lucy what a fantastic
      Trevor Thompson, Editor
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