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Heart Monitors

                                                                                         Editors                                    SHOP WITH

      The ECG department would like                                                       comments                                                         ?
      to thank the Take Heart charity
      and their donors for funding 30                                                    Due to the ongoing pandemic The
                                                                                         Take Heart office remains closed on
      heart monitors.
                                                                                         a Wednesday in the Brotherton Wing
      These heart monitors are fitted to                                                 of LGI, but we are committed to            Please help Take Heart by
      inpatients and outpatients who are                                                 maintaining the printed copy of our        signing in to Amazon with
      under investigation for abnormal                                                   Quarterly Newsletter to our members.
      heart rhythms. Patients have 3 sticky                                              As stated in the diary update on page 2
      electrodes placed onto the chest,                                                  the virtual sponsored walk was held for    instead of just
      the monitor is attached to them with                                               participating members during the month
      press stud cables and the monitor                                                  of September and we will provide an        The first time you do this, you
      records the heart rhythm which                                                     update in our December Newsletter. We      will be asked which charity you
      is then analysed by the specialists                                                welcome any images anyone has of their     would like to nominate. We
      working in the Cardiac Investigations                                              walk, and whilst we are unable to print    would be grateful if you would
      Unit. For comfort the monitor is                                                   every one we will endeavour to print a     say “Take Heart, Leeds” You
      small, lightweight and clipped to the                                              selection in December. Any images can      won’t be asked that again and if
      patients clothing or popped into a                                                 be emailed to         you always log in using ‘smile’,
                                                                                         The Trustees have decided to cancel        Amazon will make a donation
      These monitors have been put to                                                    this year’s ‘Christmas Draw’, this was a   to Take Heart of half a percent
      good use straight away and have                                                    difficult decision but given the current   of everything you spend.
      allowed a large number of adults                                                   circumstances, we are more determined
      and children under investigation                                                   to bring a full schedule of events in 2022   It costs you nothing – it’s with
      for heart conditions to have their                                                 to maintain communication with our         the compliments of Amazon.
      investigations completed much                                                      membership.                                It seems a small amount of
                                                                                         I welcome any comments or feedback         money but it soon adds up.
                                                                                         regarding the newsletter. Please feel free
               Andrew, an inpatient with                                                 to email me on        Many thanks.
               one of the heart monitors.
                                                                                         Please continue to stay safe.              Trevor Thompson

                                                                                         Trevor Thompson, Editor

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