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Dear Take Heart

      The following article was received from a Take Heart member Barry North recently, the
      content of which is printed below in full.


      On the 2nd October 2001 Barry North   wonderful and dedicated staff that
      was boarding a train on platform 3 at   have been involved in his cardiac care
      Leeds Station when the unexpected     that deserve praise. Over time it is
      happened, he had a cardiac arrest,    amazing how much technology has
      not just one, but multiple. Fortunately,   constantly improved the techniques
      he was only 50 yards away from the    and equipment that is in use by
      station’s defibrillator. Railway staff, led   these highly qualified people. LGI are
      by Project Manager Paul Bishop, were   even able to monitor Barry’s heart
      quickly on the scene and able to apply   performance remotely from his home
      CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)   in Guiseley.
      and summon an ambulance with          20 years later, also on the 2nd October
      paramedics. Despite it taking several   Barry and his wife were reunited with
      attempts to bring Barry back to life and   Paul Bishop and his family to celebrate
      stabilise his condition to enable him   those extra years of life. Although
      to be transported to Leeds General    everyone couldn’t be present due to
      Infirmary, there is no doubt this man’s   travel restrictions they all shared a
      life was saved by the speedy and      video call with his 3 sons at 4pm,
      competent actions of Paul Bishop and
      the accessibility of a defibrillator.
                                                        BARRY  AND  DENISE  NORTH
      Although the incident happened at
      4pm it was 8.30pm before the police
      advised his wife, Denise with the news.
      She had been expecting him to arrive
      home for some time but ironically if
      he had not survived the police would
      have treated the case as urgent!
      At LGI Barry was treated in Intensive
      Care for several days and eventually
      fitted with an ICD (implantable
      cardioverter defibrillator) by Dr
      Cowan. Since then he has remained
      under the watchful eye of Craig
      Russell and there are so many other

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