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      exactly the time it occurred. Modest
      Paul says “I was only doing my job
      at the time!”. To mark the occasion
      Barry’s Godson made a very special
      celebratory cake which was enjoyed     STAMPS
      by many of the people that have
      shared his “second life”. It was heart
      shaped with very simple but symbolic
      decoration and tasted absolutely       As most of our members will know
      delicious.                             Bob Barnes is our stamp guru. He
                                             takes all our used and donated stamp
      In 2001 there were very few            collections sorts them and auctions
      defibrillators around in public places   them off. Over the years, he has
      and it is the result of incidents such   raised many hundreds of pounds for
      as this that in more recent times      Take Heart and we thank him once
      their availability has increased       again for the time and effort he has
      considerably. Unfortunately, many      put in for our charity.
      go unnoticed and insufficient people
      have been trained in how to apply      In the Take Heart office we always
      CPR in order to maximise their         remove all stamps from incoming
      effectiveness – an uncomplicated       mail and together with many
      procedure but so valuable and          members send them on to Bob.
      rewarding as Barry is able to          If you would like to send him stamps
      demonstrate.                           yourself, he asks two things:
                                             Please leave a little bit of envelope
      Very Best Wishes Barry; thank you      around the stamp when removing
      for your kind words about the          it, and please ensure the correct
      Yorkshire Heart Centre.                postage when sending them to him.
      Editor                                 His address is:
                                             Bob Barnes, 9 Gagewell Drive,
                                             Horbury, Wakefield. WF4 6BP.

                                             Many Thanks.
                                             Trevor Thompson.

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