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      Dear Members

      I can’t believe that it’s coming up to   efforts over 2021 and to Trevor for
      Christmas again, the years seem to fly   editing the newsletter keeping you all
      by don’t they! Although we are still in   up to date and also Bill for doing the
      the pandemic, hopefully this year we   same with the website.
      will be able to spend time with friends   Enjoy the festive season, thanks to
      and family celebrating. I know many    our Members for your support, it is
      of us are having the vaccinations      very much appreciated, and hope to
      and boosters for covid and flu and     see some of you again soon!
      just being sensible: washing hands,
      keeping our distance and wearing       Best Wishes
      masks. Whatever you do I hope you
      all keep safe and well. 
      Although the charity has been quieter
      this year in terms of events we are all
      looking forward to next year where     Gina McGawley
      we are already planning the quiz,      Chairman
      sponsored walk and annual trip. We
      are not able to resume our afternoon
      teas or reopen the stall just yet but we
      hope we will be able to do so again
      soon. In the meantime thank you
      to our Trustees for all their ongoing

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