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      Here we are again, it will soon be Christmas which hopefully will be much
      better than last year, certainly for moving about and visiting the relatives.
      At the time of writing hospitals haven't relaxed the rules on visitors.

      Christmas Eve was extra nice because   correspondence for Take Heart. We have
      we used to meet to deliver presents to   also managed to send out the Newsletter
      those who were unfortunate enough to   on a regular basis and this is thanks to
      be in hospital. We used to have a little ‘get   Trevor our Office Manager (one of his
      together’ afterwards, I know that so far   many roles is editor of this Quarterly
      we have only missed one Christmas but   Newsletter). Thanks to all the Trustees
      it's not just that, it's all the other things   who helped with the packing and sorry
      we missed over the year. The monthly   that our regular helpers were unable to
      afternoon teas, the day trip (this will be   help because of the pandemic.
      on again in June 2022 we are aiming    In the past we have asked you to donate
      for the 12 June, and the destination is
      Llandudno – nice and flat), the sponsored   via Virgin Money Giving but unfortunately
      walk, I know it is a fund raiser but it does   after a number of years they have decided
      mean that we can meet friends again. Our   to close so from now we will be using
                                             Just Giving. At the moment I am not sure
      weekly Take Heart Stall for which people   how our regular donors transfer to Just
      have been kindly knitting over the months
      of lockdown, and just generally meeting   Giving (that is if they wish to do so) but as
      people we hope for a better 2022.      soon as I know I will advise them.
                                             Now I would like to wish all our members
      We have managed to keep our monthly
      Trustees meetings (albeit virtual in   a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New
      the beginning), however the last two   Year.
      meetings have been held at the Trustees   Alec J McLean
      homes so the charity has continued to   Treasurer
      function more or less normally during
      the lockdown and thanks to hospital
      staff I have been able to receive any

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