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Take Heart Relax

                                        During the last 18 months of lockdown Take
                                        Heart Trustee meetings were held virtually on
                                        Zoom, but at times it was a bit hit and miss due
                                        to one or two Trustees being non-technical
                                        which I am sure must have caused a bit of a
                                        During this time we all decided that when we
                                        got back to normality we would all go out for
                                        a drink. During the October meeting we were
                                        back ‘face to face’ so we decided not just to
                                        have a drink we would make an overnighter at
                                        the Black Bull in Middleham, North Yorkshire,
                                        home of the racehorse gallops. The reason for
                                        selecting this venue was because the daughter
                                        and son-in-law of Steph and Paul (two of our
                                        Trustees) had recently taken over this pub. Paul
                                        had planned a quiz night and we thought it was
                                        the ideal thing to go along and support him.
                                        Nine of us ‘Take Hearters’ set off on the 22nd
                                        of October, a lovely sunny day, it was just so
                                        beautiful and for most of us it was the first time
                                        in quite a while that we had been able to get out
                                        and see our lovely countryside.
                                        After settling in, we had a lovely supper, being
                                        the speciality of the house, home-made meat
                                        pies, chips and peas excellent. Then onto the
                                        quiz; good questions and entertaining, but our
                                        team didn't win. I think next time we will have
                                        to have the fish for brains. Thank you to Paul for
                                        organising the quiz, it made £100.50 for Take
                                        Heart. We spent the rest of the evening having
                                        a drink with the locals, and hoping they might
                                        give us a tip or two on the gee gees. At breakfast
                                        next morning through the windows we were
                                        able to watch the race horses return from their
                                        morning gallop.
                                        Our thanks go to Harriett and Sam for a lovely
                                        comfy overnight stay.
                                        Edith McLean.

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