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                                      Dear Take Heart

                                      The following letter was received in the Take Heart
                                      Office recently, the content of which is printed
                                      below in full.

                                      Dear Mr McLean

                                      My six year old granddaughter Phoebe Padgett
                                      and her friend Florence Barton decided to
                                      bake cakes and buns for Take Heart, after I had
      PHOEBE                          explained to them how the LGI and the wonderful
                                      staff, (especially Dr. Jen Rossington), had helped
                                      prolong my life by many years.
                                      In 2000 I had major heart surgery. After two
                                      more heart attacks I had to have stents on both
                                      occasions. Thanks to all the staff in Cardiology,
                                      I am still around! On many occasions I benefitted
                                      from the services provided by Take Heart.
                                      It may not seem a great amount of money, but for
                                      two six year-olds it seems a fortune in 50p pieces!
                                      They raised £40.00. When I told them that they
                                      would be in the Take Heart Christmas edition,
                                      Phoebe and Florence were very excited. One
                                      photograph is of them selling their cakes and buns
                                      outside the front door.
                                      Sent with love and thanks for Granddad Eddie’s
                                      Yours sincerely
                                      Eddie Clarke

                                      Well Done to Phoebe and Florence on completion
                                      of your Cake & Bun Sale. Many supporters of Take
                                      Heart use varying methods to raise donations and
                                      this shows an early sign of 2 young entrepreneurs
                                      as the two images clearly show.
                                      Best wishes Eddie, thank you for your letter.

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