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      The Cardio-Respiratory Department at   one place. Prior to this, we used a system
      Leeds Teaching Hospitals supports several   called Lotus Approach which consisted
      diagnostic tests, with sleep studies being   of multiple and separate databases. Due
      part of this. The Sleep Team includes   to advances in technology and increasing
      a number of healthcare professionals   numbers of patients year on year, the
      including consultants, specialist nurses,   database was considered outdated and
      physiologists, physiotherapists, support   not compatible with Windows 10. Further
      workers, assistant technical officers   to this, a number of processes that we
      and our Administration Team. The      performed manually i.e. adding patients to
      physiologists are a central part of the   waiting lists, reporting studies and paper
      cardio-respiratory team and we see a   requesting will become electronic and
      number of cardiology patients when    streamlined for the Cardio-Respiratory
      referred to us for testing. The department   Department. This has undoubtedly had a
      provides approximately 15,000 sleep   huge impact on our services by providing
      studies per year.                     improved patient care, reducing errors and
                                            improving staff well-being as a result of
      Take Heart recently funded a new      this funding.
      reporting module on Cardiobase for the
      Sleep Team. This module enables us to   Thank you Take Heart
      book appointments, report sleep studies   Sue Watts (Highly Specialist Clinical
      and document treatment profiles all in   Physiologist)





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