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       Our  new  regular  feature  to
       give  you  the opportunity  to
       know  a  little  more  about  the
       Take  Heart  Trustees
       In  our  8th  feature  it’s  the  turn
       of  our  hard  working  Trustee

      NAME                                   private sector where I remained until I
      Stephanie Kaufman                      retired in 2020.
      ROLE                                   HOME AND HOBBIES
      I have been a trustee since 2001       I have been married to Paul for 38 years
      apart from a 3 year break due to work   and have 3 daughters, 4 grandsons and
      commitments. I enjoy our monthly       one grand-dog. I enjoy knitting, sewing
      meetings where we make decisions in    and at present making hand made felt
      order to provide a more comfortable    dolls which I really enjoy. I started ice
      stay for patients and improved working   skating at 13 and restarted in my 50’s with
      environment for staff. I have met many   lessons and achieved stage IV which I am
      lovely people over the years both trustees   very proud of [but that is not the same
      and members.                           level as Torvill and Dean].
      PROFESSION                             In the past few years I have enjoyed
      I was born in Leeds but when I was 3.5   European city breaks with my favourite
      my mother and I emigrated to Canada,   to date Krakow. I feel now is the time to
      first Vancouver then on to Toronto and   continue to enjoy the UK. We love day
      returned 2 years later and settled back in   trips to the Dales, Peak district, North
      Leeds.                                 Wales, Lake District and the North East.
                                             Now I have retired and spend more time
      I attended Park Lane College to undertake   at home it gives me satisfaction to make
      a secretarial course [but I really wanted   our home and garden more comfortable.
      to be a hairdresser!]. I have worked in a
      variety of businesses starting as a junior   I also like reading [mainly crime and true
                                             stories]. I like to listen to music and enjoy
      typist at the YEB graduating to the role   in particular the Proclaimers, 10cc, Neil
      of secretary in later employment. I have   Diamond and Queen.
      been involved in the NHS since 1994
      when I joined a GP practice, later moving   I look forward to continuing my role as
      to cardiology at the LGI in January 1998   trustee for many years to come. PS: we do
      where I remained until leaving the NHS in   have vacancies why not come along and
      2012 to take up a secretarial post in the   give us a try?

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