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                                        Just been offered a job in the south of
                                        France... I thought “Why not?, I’ve got
                                        nothing Toulouse.”
      STAMPS                            I’ve just finished reading an excellent book

                                        called “Fights on a Narrowboat”
      As most of our members will know   by R.G. Bargee.
      Bob Barnes is our stamp guru. He
      takes all our used and donated    I was walking in the jungle and saw a lizard
      stamp collections sorts them and   on his hind legs telling jokes…
      auctions them off. Over the years,   I turned to a local tribesman and said
      he has raised many hundreds of    “that lizards really funny!”
      pounds for Take Heart and we      The tribesman replied, “That’s not a lizard…
      thank him once again for the time   He’s a stand up chameleon…”
      and effort he has put in for our
      charity.                          Anyone got any tips for York Races today?

      In the Take Heart office we always   I’ve got ‘Dusty Carpet’, never been beaten
      remove all stamps from incoming   and ‘V Neck’ which is a nice jumper…
      mail and together with many       Don’t back ‘Landfill’ though – that’s a
      members send them on to Bob. If   rubbish tip…
      you would like to send him stamps
      yourself, he asks two things:     My wife accused me of stealing her
                                        thesaurus! Not only was I shocked, I was
      Please leave a little bit of envelope
      around the stamp when removing    also aghast, appalled and dismayed!
      it, and please ensure the correct   My new car runs on fish oil...
      postage when sending them to
      him.                              It’s turbot – charged.
      His address is:                   You can never ‘run’ through a campsite…
        Bob Barnes,                     You can only ‘ran’ as it’s past tents….
        9 Gagewell Drive,
        Horbury, Wakefield,             DAD  JOKE  MAN
        WF4 6BP
      Many Thanks.
      Trevor Thompson.

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