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The following are on-line donations:   I was in the LGI in May 2019 for 2 nights
      Donations received in lieu of flower at the   to have a pacemaker fitted. It was such a
      funeral of Mr John Furness a wonderful   relief to have television and phone calls
      husband, father,brother, uncle and friend   provided that I promised myself I would
      who benefitted from the services provided   donate to the fund when I could.
      by Take Heart.                         From Mark Jarmuz              £62.50
      From Adele Pearce            £1318.75  Donation received at the funeral service
      Donations received in lieu of presents   of Derek. The contributions were given
      at the wedding of Michelle Summers     by the loved ones that attended
      with thanks for all the continued care   the funeral                £265.00
      for her dad                  £526.25   Further donations raised by the
      Donation in memory of Mr Peter Biddulph   Four and a Half Men running Ilkley
      via Mrs Ruth Biddulph. £268.75 Mrs Biddulph   Marathon for Take Heart because you
      fund raised for Take Heart because patients   may need the Yorkshire Heart Hospital
      and their families benefit from their support.   one day.           £398.43
      Donation from Gemma Mitchell who raised
      £180.00. She is going to organise a number of
      events because the                      Total donations for
      Take Heart charity is close to her heart.
      Mr Jack Cassidy is running 200 miles    this period are
      in June and has so far raised    £263.75
      Donation from the Mother Hookers Crochet   £15,487.66
      Social Group who raised funds by
       crocheting pairs of hearts which people
      bought then left one hanging on a white tree
      on display in Doncaster Wool Market     On average less than 1.5% of this
      with a dedication to a loved one.   £135.00  total is used for expenses.
      Chris Maskell is fund raising for Take Heart   The remainder is used for the benefit
      because they do great work on the heart   of patients, their relatives and staff
      wards in Leeds.                         within the Yorkshire Heart Centre.
      He has so far raised a further    £230.00
      Mrs Ajit Shetty says that he is delighted
      to be able to support the wonderful
      cardiology team at Leeds General infirmary.
      May the great work continue to benefit
      thousands of needy patients.   £2,500.00
      Verity Glover is running the Edinburgh
      Marathon for Take Heart and has raised  £725.76
      Donations received in memory of
      Steven Doran via Fiona Craven    £295.000
      Abbygail Davies has raised    £187.50

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