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diary update                 Chairman’s


 In the last 16 months our top priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our
 members and those wonderful volunteers who keep Take Heart’s service for the
 Yorkshire Heart Centre operating.
 Included below is an update for information. If you have any questions please
 telephone 0113 392 2888 or preferably email  Welcome to summer and our latest   It’s great also to see how we are still
      newsletter which we are so pleased     receiving many generous donations,
 NEWSLETTERS  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  we have managed to find safe ways   despite Covid and lockdown, with
 We continue to work hard to maintain a   The AGM was held on 14th June 2021 on   to be able to pack and post out to   sponsored walking challenges,
 printed copy of this newsletter for our   a virtual basis amongst our key staff with   our members. I am sure you, as I do,   raffles and other events. It is also
 members. The Take Heart office (normally   the results printed in this newsletter and   look forward to reading about what   very special to receive donations in
 open on a Wednesday) in the Brotherton   on our website.  the charity has been doing, hearing   memory of loved ones. Thank you so
 Wing of LGI remains closed and once
 anything changes we will let everyone   TRUSTEES COMMITTEE   about all the wonderful ways we are   much.
 know via our website and newsletters.   improving the lives of patients and
 MEETINGS   staff at the Yorkshire Heart Centre. I
 AFTERNOON TEA  Have commenced wef March 2021 on   do like the regular fun section which
 a ‘virtual basis’ and we look forward to
 The monthly Afternoon Tea sessions in   meeting in person again soon.   always makes me smile, even though
 the Take Heart Seminar Room on F Floor   the jokes can be a little bit ‘cheesy’
 of Jubilee Wing, next to the Yorkshire   and learning more about our Trustees   Gina McGawley
 Heart Centre wards, remain cancelled   VIRTUAL SPONSORED WALK
 until further notice. Once anything   The Annual Sponsored Walk held in   in the ‘know your trustee’ section.   Chairman
 changes we will let everyone know via   September at Roundhay Park has been
 our website and newsletters.   cancelled for this year, the Trustees are
 proposing a virtual sponsored walk,
 ANNUAL TRIP   whereby members, volunteers, family
 and friends may wish to hold their own
 Reluctantly we have had to cancel   walk or just set your own step targets,
 the Annual Day Trip for members and   with sponsorship going to the benefit of
 volunteers (always a popular event) for   patients in the Yorkshire Heart Centre.
 this year.
 We will keep all members informed of any
 changes, please stay safe.
 Trevor Thompson, Editor

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