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Stamp Donation                              YOUR WILL

                                             No one likes to think of death,
                                             but we have been contacted
                                             recently by several members
                                             asking how to go about leaving
                                             a legacy to Take Heart in their
                                             will. Indeed, we have been
                                             touched and moved by the
                                             generosity of some members
      DIANE                                  who have left us both small and
                                             large amounts.
      HORSMAN                                When this happens, while

                                             mourning the passing of our
                                             friends, the legacies have
                                             enabled us to make major
      The Trustees of Take Heart wish        improvements to the Yorkshire
      to give a special mention to           Heart Centre which benefits all
      Diane - PA within LGI's Cardio-        patients.
      Respiratory Clinical Service Unit.
 Whilst reading our local   the country.  Upon inspection he said   Diane provides much support to   If you are thinking about
 neighbourhood website we noticed   that the stamp collection was worth   Take Heart over and above her
 some stamps being offered for a   approximately £250 and added a £50   normal duties, which has been   mentioning Take Heart in your
 small donation.  We contacted the   donation himself as it was for a charity   so crucial in keeping the charity   will and are unsure about
 gentleman, Mr Richard Kennedy and   and church.   running throughout this difficult   procedures, our Honorary
 offered £20.00 which he was happy to   The money was split   period whilst the Take Heart   Solicitor, Tom Morrish of
 accept.                                     Morrish Solicitors, LLP, has
 between Take Heart   Office has been closed.
 When we went to collect the stamps   and Cookridge Methodist Church and   Heartfelt thanks from the   expressed his willingness to
 they were presented in beautiful   will be put to good use by both parties.   Trustees to Diane for her   assist members at no charge. He
 albums and obviously very much cared   We would like to thank Richard for the   commitment to the charity.  can be contacted by telephone
 for over the preceding years.  There   opportunity of raising money and are   at their Yeadon Office on 033
 were 3 big storage boxes [picture   sure that Take Heart and the Methodist   3344 9609.
 enclosed] and our offer of £20.00   Church will benefit by this wonderful
 seemed inadequate.                          Thank you
 We suggested to Richard that we take        Editor
 them to a relation who is a philatelist   Steph and Paul Kaufman 
 and attends conventions up and down   Trustees Take Heart

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