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 Take Heart?
 Donation to                  Chairman's

 Take Heart                     AGM REPORT

 Take Heart is a charity set up 30 years ago by
 a small group who wished to give something
 Take Heart have   back to the Yorkshire Heart Centre at Leeds
 received a donation   General Infirmary after successful treatment.
 of £760.00 from the   Since its inception, the charity has raised more
 Paypal Giving Fund.  than five million pounds and has made an   I didn’t anticipate it, but here we are again having our second annual AGM
 enormous difference for patients and staff alike.   virtually, courtesy of ‘microsoft teams’. Although it is disappointing we
 PayPal Giving Fund   The charity is most unusual in that there are   cannot meet up and have this meeting face to face it’s more important
 helps people support   no salaries paid to any staff – all trustees give   that we keep each other as safe as we can be.
 their favourite   their time voluntarily and only a tiny percentage
 charities online and   of donations is used for administration.
 helps charities raise   Having said that the Trustees were   thanks to Alec and Trevor for their
 funds through PayPal.  The differences made are immediately apparent   able to see each other on screen to   roles in the office keeping up to date
 when you enter the Heart Centre. New modern   discuss our achievements over the   with admin tasks and recognition
 This donation will   furniture, decor and fittings, modern equipment,   last year and also hear the finance   to all our Trustees who have been
 help to support the   bedside television, radio, internet and even all   report from our Treasurer, Alec. It’s   helping with the newsletter. We have
 work of Take Heart   bedside landline telephone calls are provided   amazing to hear we have now raised   managed to deliver a number of
 for the benefit of   free by Take Heart. Superb accommodation is   more than £5 million over the years.    schemes including ECG equipment,
 patients and their   provided in the hospital free of charge by Take   It was also good to welcome one of   bladder scanner for the cardiac
 relatives in the   Heart for patient’s relatives who have distance   the LGI cardiology consultants,    wards, rehab equipment post cardiac
 Yorkshire Heart   to travel. Additional medical equipment is also   Dr Jenny Rossington, who   surgery, patient booklets and patient
 Centre.  provided to enhance the treatment of patients as   specialises in coronary angioplasty    access to free TV to name but a
 is the provision of booklets for patients explaining   to talk about explain my procedure   few. However, none of this would
 procedures practised in the hospital. Staff areas   (see page 10).  be possible without our members
 including reception desks, staff rooms and   As chair of the charity I would like   who I would like to thank for their
 cloakrooms have been refurbished. Take Heart   to thank the work of our Trustees   continuing support which is so
 also provide a roof garden adjacent to the heart   over the last year, they have done   gratefully received by patients and
 wards to give patients, relatives and staff a breath   an amazing job to keep the charity   staff.
 of fresh air. All this and so much more is provided   running, albeit slightly differently.
 with the generous donations received. So much   We do miss the stall and our regular
 so that staff have been overheard referring to   afternoon teas, not to mention the
 Take Heart as their own Fairy Godmother.
      quiz and sponsored walk. However,
 We never fail to be touched by the   Bill keeps our website up to date   Gina McGawley
 wonderful people who donate small and   so we have managed to share   Chairman
 larger amounts. Thank you so much.  information during the year. Special
 Trevor Thompson, Editor

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