The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART John Mennell and Heather
Lovely e-mail from John which said: Both my fiance and I have had a parent looked after during open heart surgery at LGI this last year. We have gone alcohol free this year as a bit of a personal challenge. The challenge was to reach the end of September. We have decided to round it up to one whole year and to use this last few months to get sponsored for our abstinence! We both have lots of friends and family online that we think will contribute and right now we can’t think of a better cause!!
That’s something unique for people raising funds for us. Wish I had that will power…. If you would like to support John and Heather, click on the heart below to go to their Virgin Giving page. All the best John and Heather - we’re ‘severely impressed’ with your quest!