Chairmans Report: In the event of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the requirement to keep safe, this year’s AGM has been held virtually and communicated to our members via the charity’s website. The last year has been challenging for the charity given the restrictions put in place by the government to manage the covid pandemic. It is disappointing that, in recent months, we have not been able to open our stall in Jubilee, pack and distribute our newsletters and hold our afternoon teas. We also had to cancel our annual trip. However, we appreciate the need to keep our members/trustees/volunteers and patients/families safe during this time of social distancing and shielding/self-isolating. Despite this the Trustees have been working very hard all year covering the stall, putting on events such as Paul Kaufman’s annual quiz as well as the monthly afternoon tea, Christmas draw, delivering newsletters to the wards and running the stall. Since lockdown they have still been managing our post, responding to queries, reviewing requests and communicating, albeit electronically, rather than face to face. Thank you very much to all our Trustees. I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thanks to our IT man, Bill Stevenson, who continues to look after our website since he stood down from being a Trustee last year. This has been invaluable in being able to continue to communicate with our members. Our new Trustee, Trevor Thompson, has done an amazing job managing the Take Heart office and undertaking the administration tasks along with our Treasurer, Alec McLean who also works tirelessly for the charity and meticulously manages the books. Trustees re-election No Trustees are due for re-election in 2020, all trustees were re-elected for a 2 year period 2019-2021. However, I am sorry that Trustee Andrew Clarke has since resigned his post, but we thank him for all his contributions and wish him well in the future. Over the year, the patients and staff at the Yorkshire Heart Centre continue to benefit from the good work provided by the charity. The Take Heart Suite goes from strength to strength and means we are able to continue to deliver high quality care to patients. Although our scheme to refurbish the roof garden has been put on hold for now, we will restart this project as soon as we are able as we understand how valuable this area is for patients, their visitors and staff alike. Thank you also to those volunteers who help Maureen on the stall, knitting and joining the Trustees packing the newsletters, we very much look forward to seeing you all again. We will let you know when we are able to start these again, hopefully soon. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all our members and supporters of Take Heart, without which the charity would not be able to carry out its work. Gina McGawley Chairman, June 2020
Financial Report for year 1 st February 2019 to 31 st January 2020. It will seem very strange not to be at a meeting this year because of the pandemic but we are doing our best to ensure that the report will be read by as many people as possible. Hopefully this will be the last meeting of our Committee which will on our website. I am sorry that it will not be seen by all members at this time but for those of you who do have a computer and know someone who doesn`t, then perhaps you may let them see the reports with you. Our general donations were down from the previous year by £21889.00 and this was mainly due to voluntary donations showing a shortfall of £23997.06. Our sponsored walk was £2088.64 less than the year before. The previous walk was our 30 th and we probably tried that much harder to attract our members to do the walk. It is not that the committee does any less to advertise the walk but nowadays there are many more other walks and runs such as The Abbey Dash, The Great North Run, etc; and people have only so much money to donate. The money we receive is very much appreciated as is the effort made by those who did the walk on our behalf. I know how hard it is to obtain sponsors. There was an increase in the donations received from funerals given in memory of the deceased. This was up by £4052.05 to £39,327.27. Our sales from the stall were up from £5419.15 to £5881.47, a small gain of £462.32. Thanks to Maureen who puts a lot of time into the stall, and to all who help her plus of course all the ladies who knit garments to sell on the stall. Collection boxes showed a gain of £1005.08 and the small change boxes was slightly up by £97.15. Our Christmas draw was down slightly by £375.50 although at £1 a ticket I don`t know how we managed to lose the 50p. The stalls on the sponsored walk were £212.72 down on the previous year. The quiz was down slightly by £47.00 but still a good night was had by all thanks to Paul and all his assistants on the night. Finally, the trip made a small profit of £31.00 but that was because the charge for the buses was slightly cheaper because we went to the east coast instead of the west. The differences in expenditure were considerably less than the previous year amounting to some £369,670.00 mainly down to equipment supplied to the LGI. In 2019 the cost to the charity of equipment supplied to the LGI was £475,149.78 whilst in 2020 it was reduced to £86,703.81 a massive difference of £388,445.97. The majority of this amount being in respect of the Take Heart Cardiac Lounge but in addition to this we continued to purchase some monitors, leaflets and pamphlets for the various departments. The annual postage was only slightly up by £67.60 which reflects in the cost of postage stamps being increased from the 1 st of April 2019. We did purchase stamps at the old price which kept the costs down but all good things must come to an end and we had to pay the higher rate. Our Christmas draw expenses increased by £892.86 this being the purchase of additional raffle books because the year before we struggled to supply extra books when they were required by people who were able to sell more tickets. We also had to deliver some of the prizes although we posted those we were able to. This year we seemed to have more winners from outlying areas. The increase in the cost of the goods at £786.00 was the purchase of some teddy bears for sale on the stall. The increase in the cost of the newsletter could well have been down to an extra flyer which normally costs around the £140.00 mark. The printers (City Press) we use and have used more or less since the charity was formed, always keep their charges to a minimum. New equipment for Take Heart (£929.71) includes a new computer for the Treasurer, and a roller poster advertising the afternoon tea . The stationery for Take Heart increased this year by £1108.62 this was due to purchasing new letterheads at £381.60, some plain C5 envelopes £144.00 some labels for use on our post out, due to the specialist printer having stopped working and the Neopost engineer has advised us that the printer is on its last legs. There was also a cost of £143.88 for C3 services re our internet use and finally there was a cost of £165.21 for a search engine. The amount for the phones went up by £44.99 and this was for the new phones in the Take Heart Office. Sponsored Walk expenses were down this year by £845.27, the cost of hire down by £842.00 and expenses £346.62. The Miscellaneous Collections were £1239.93 more and this was mainly down to a cheque for £3655 which wasn`t for us but was for Take Heart Derby, £1051 for insurances, £373 for the Neopost Engineer’s call out, various unpaid cheques (all paid eventually except one which was unpaid because the payee had died). The expenses for the quiz were also down by £396.00 so although the actual money paid for the quiz was down slightly, the profit was up this year. The monies transferred from our Special Interest Bearing Account was down by £372,956.47 but this was to be expected as the Take Heart Cardiac Lounge was paid for in 2018 and all the transfers of cash etc; was included in last years finance. The money transferred back to the Special interest Bearing Account was £14,910.40 less this year than last and this is reflected in the fact that donations had decreased. I would like to end this report by thanking all those who have helped me in some way in my job of Treasurer, especially my wife Edith who keeps me well supplied with biscuits, tea and other beverages when I am working in my office at home. At the time of writing this account the balance stands at: Current Account 920.93 Special Interest a/c 378750.46 Total 379671.39 Thank you Alec.J.McLean Treasurer, June 2020
The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre