The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
Chairmans Report: I didn’t anticipate it, but here we are again having our second annual AGM virtually, courtesy of ‘microsoft teams’. Although it is disappointing we cannot meet up and have this meeting face to face it’s more important that we keep each other as safe as we can be. Having said that the Trustees were able to see each other on screen to discuss our achievements over the last year and also hear the finance report from our Treasurer, Alec. It’s amazing to hear we have now raised more than £5 million over the years. It was also good to welcome one of the LGI cardiology consultants, Dr Jenny Rossington, who specialises in coronary angioplasty to talk about explain my procedure. As chair of the charity I would like to thank the work of our Trustees over the last year, they have done an amazing job to keep the charity running, albeit slightly differently. We do miss the stall and our regular afternoon teas, not to mention the quiz and sponsored walk. However, Bill keeps our website up to date so we have managed to share information during the year. Special thanks to Alec and Trevor for their roles in the office keeping up to date with admin tasks and recognition to all our Trustees who have been helping with the newsletter. We have managed to deliver a number of schemes including ECG equipment, bladder scanner for the cardiac wards, rehab equipment post cardiac surgery, patient booklets and patient access to free TV to name but a few. However, none of this would be possible without our members who I would like to thank for their continuing support which is so gratefully received by patients and staff. Gina McGawley Chairman, June 2021 FINANCIAL REPORT FOR YEAR 1ST FEBRUARY 2020 to 31 st JANUARY 2021 I expected to be giving my spiel to a “live” audience this year but to no avail. I have found it difficult especially as we were not able to hold any of our usual fund-raising activities – no afternoon teas (always good for a gossip), no annual trip, (it would have been Llandudno), no Sponsored Walk, and no Christmas Draw. I was also disappointed that the roof garden wasn`t refurbished. We had agreed the cost (exhorbitant as it was) but it is after all one of our show stoppers. I am hoping that it will be the first job after the lockdown eases on 19 th July. Over the year we still managed to continue to receive donations amounting to £255,892 which compared very favourably with last year, in fact it was £88,638 more. The General donations were £235,111 against last year’s total of £123,283. In memory of donations were £19,111 against previous of £39,327 (control of mourners at funerals were responsible for smaller collections) and collection boxes were £1,670 against £4,644. Despite all the problems our members continue to send donations to the LGI on a regular basis. Membership fees were down as were the sale of promotional goods from £5,956 to £1,213. Small change boxes down to £364 from £782. Although there was no sponsored walk over the last financial year there were some late payments from the previous year which amounted to £1,028. The costs of generating voluntary income was Postage £912 from £8,344. Stationery is £626 from £3,249. Insurance £750 from £1,189, and repairs and renewals were £77 from £686, resulting in a massive difference of £11,103. Costs of generating funds were Hire of Halls and Transport from £1,070 to £30. Sponsored Walk costs from £1,508 to nil. Christmas Draw expenses from £2,065 to £10. Quiz Night from £851 to nil, and promotional items from £4,586 to 2,528. Once again resulting in a massive difference of £7,512. The donation of equipment to the LGI was £322,637 to £105,695 a difference of £216,942 and Newsletters were £2,785 to £5,460. Our postage of the Newsletter was less than the previous year because of the pandemic. We have a printing machine in the office which cost a lot of money because it can print the addresses on self-seal envelopes, unfortunately it can`t now because it’s broken and to replace it would cost approximately £14,000, being the replacement cost of a high specified machine. The current machine we don`t require anymore and I think we should cut our losses and dispose of it. We can get the labels printed internally and thanks to our Trustee Andrew, the post department in LGI will see that they get to the Post Office directly which is a lot easier for the charity. Finally; ‘The Governance costs’ which if you don`t know what they are ( I didn`t until the auditors explained them to me), cover Auditior’s fees, expenses, telephone costs, legal and professional fees, miscellaneous expenses and depreciation of office equipment were £3,023 against £5,007. Throughout this year I have been receiving letters and acknowledging them and the donations keep coming in from all areas. It never ceases to amaze me how well the charity does and how much it is thought of. I would like to thank all the Trustees for the work they do over the year. It has been a difficult year and they have responded wonderfully well. I would also like to thank Gina`s secretary Diane who has collected all the mail for us and sent it on to my home address; she has also helped by contacting the Credit Income department and sorting out some of the problems with their invoices. Last but not least, definitely not least, Edith my wife. She checks the office phone each night, ensuring that any messages left on it are answered. That is in addition to supplying me with tea and biscuits when I`m working in the office at home. Finally the balance of the account now stands at: Current Account £488.01 Business Account £488,758.62 Total £489,246.63 Thank you. Alec J. McLean, Treasurer, June 2021